Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Day 60 - round and round

I've just sent off another e-mail of questions to a willing participant.  How willing they will remain after they get the e-mail is another thing.  I try to keep them short as I don't like to take too much of anyone's time, but it's really difficult to cover a career with one or two questions, and even if I only ask one question per game, it soon mounts up.

So, my next tasks are; formulate follow-up e-mails to some of the replies I've received, and send out some new e-mails to potential participants.  I've had indications that people are more than willing to participate, which is great, so they're next on the list.

I know it seems like I'm going round in circles, which is probably because I am.  Such is the nature of a project like this.  You have a round of searching for people, and then a round of asking if they'd like to contribute.  Then, for the ones that accept, you have to formulate your e-mail full of questions.  I have a number of stock questions, and then I have to tailor the rest of the questions individually.

Once they've gone, there's the waiting.  That's when I tend to play that person's games, taking screenshots and writing notes.  And when the answers arrive, I piece everything together in a rough format, ready for the day when I can put them together more professionally.

Are you impressed with how organised I sound?  It's not quite as smooth as that, I must admit, but I'm a little bit surprised at myself.  If I was this organised at my day job, I'd probably be a lot better off!

It's all good fun, though, and I'm enjoying the whole process.  Once I've got about ten sets of replies I'm going to start patching things together a bit more, to see how it might look.  That's also when I'll start to think about naming names... no point in jumping the gun there!


  1. I think you should do a name reveal every Friday - something for us followers to look forward to - instead of revealing a load of them in one go.

  2. Hmmm... I could do that, but I still need to wait until I've got enough confirmed names so that it can be an ongoing thing. At the moment, although I have questions out with a number of people, I only have three sets of answers, which might not be that exciting. But I do have a few being worked on with another batch of requests set to go out, and I like your suggestion, so we'll see...