Thursday, 19 July 2012

Day 54 - encouragement through enthusiasm

Another long, tough work day today, meaning I haven't really had much time for anything else.  I don't think I care much for this day job thing, it just gets in the way of what you really want to do!

Although I haven't had the chance to do much over the last couple of days, though, I have been keeping in touch with goings-on around this book, looking at reactions and so on.  And I've been encouraged by the opinions that have been shared.  The number of comments have been picking up on the blog, and you can't believe how encouraging that is... when you go days without a single comment, it does tend to put you into a bit of a funk, wondering whether you're doing all this for nothing.

I've had positive comments on a number of message boards, and seeing as they are a large part of the target audience, that is also a bit of a boost.  Some people have even been in touch offering advice and constructive criticism, which is much appreciated.  All of these things are taken on board, although it seems as though I'm more or less on the right track.

Finally, I've had positive comments from people that I would want to talk to for this book.  Some of them are probably people that have been or would be overlooked by typical projects of this type... they're not headline-grabbing enough, for whatever reason.  But their contributions are still valued and worthy of inclusion, and I think that's appreciated by them.

This coming weekend will see me sending out another batch of "invitations", in the hope of adding some more names to this thing.  I'll also be hoping to receive a few replies, although they will come when they come, and I refuse to get pushy about it.  It'll be nice to get up to double figures with my confirmed participants... somewhere around that point, I'll put names up on the front page and you can all see just where we're at...


  1. I'll try and comment more frequently, instead of lurking, assuming I have something useful to say.

    Here's two names that you may not have considered - Paul Holmes and Andy Williams (no, not the singer). I didn't know who they were, until I looked up one of my favourite games to see who wrote it. Shocking isn't it? I've played Bomb Jack on the Speccy for 26 years now (I still play it regularly) but until today didn't know who coded it.

    Anyway, they both worked for Elite Systems, who are readily contactable on the internet - and I assume they are British, so maybe you could get their email addresses? I would love to hear how they got such a fantastic arcade conversion into 48K.^Paul+Holmes$&loadpics=1^Andy+Williams$&loadpics=1

  2. Yes, by all means comment on anything you feel like! All comments gratefully received.

    As for the names you mentioned... would it give you an idea of my intentions and scope if I told you both of those names are already on my list...?