Saturday, 30 March 2013


Hello gang!

Today, I bring you news.  You may have already heard this news if you follow me in other places, but I should make it official here, for the benefit of anyone that doesn't, or that stumbles in here.

I am pleased to announce the launch of

I feel like this is a pretty big step forward in the life of the book.  It should also be more fun, as it means I can add all different kinds of sections if I feel the need.  A blog is somewhat more restrictive in that regard.

I'm still learning what the host and its tools are capable of, so don't be surprised to see things appearing and disappearing, styles and fonts changing and so on... at least in the short term.  It'll all settle down soon enough though, I'm sure.

You'll probably notice that there are two blogs at the top of the page.  One tool available to me allowed the importing of blogs, so I've imported the They Were Our Gods blog and also my original blog, A Gamer Forever Voyaging.  That should give you plenty to read while I'm working on new stuff.

There are also some other features... a news section, an "extras" section where I will host things like my calendar... and probably more interesting to you, an "excerpts" section.  Here, you can find quotes and extracts from the book, so you can get a flavour of what I'm doing.  There aren't many there now, which is through choice.  I will add more as time goes by though, to keep it fresh and interesting.  There will be more sections appearing too, and you can make suggestions if you want, I'm open.

In time, all my updates will take place on the new site.  I'll continue to update my blog on Blogger for the time being, but if you follow what I'm doing then you should add the site to your favourites or bookmarks... it'll be the place to be!  Oh, and please, please, pretty please, with a cherry on top, share the site anywhere you visit where there might be an interest.  Let's really get the word out there so that this can be the greatest retro games book ever!

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